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A perfectly
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A new home is sweeter when it’s built to suit you. At Star Homes, we include you in our planning and building process – at every step, from start to finish.

Stay updated at every step.

Building a home is exciting, and we want you to see every detail. By logging into our secure online Client Portal, you can track every detail of your new home – from initial drawings and schedules, to the latest photos of the construction progress. You can also log in to view and approve orders and selections, message the Star Homes team or access important documents.

Our Process

Start strong.

The location and size of your lot will guide many of the decisions about your future home. In 50+ years of homebuilding, Star Homes has seen every kind of site – from narrow lakefront lots to 80-acre bean fields. We’ll work closely with you to help you make decisions about yard restrictions, elevation, water features, and landscape features. Our experience ensures that no site is too difficult to overcome with careful planning.

After reviewing the site, we’re ready to start discussing design. We start by listening to your ideas, answering your questions, and reviewing the details of your new home – like style, lot size, square footage, and covenant restrictions. We’ll also discuss smaller details like masonry, trim, cabinetry, window sizes, and floor plans. The planning process continues until you are completely satisfied with both the design and cost of your project. When plans are finalized, the building process is ready to begin. The following steps reflect the typical timeline of a wood frame home:

Site Prep – 1 week

Working with expert contractors, we remove trees, clear debris, and grade the lot as needed. The site is staked by a certified surveyor.

Foundation – 3 weeks

After staking, the concrete slab or basement is installed. This may take up to three weeks, depending on the foundation size and type. Mechanical elements that must be positioned in the foundation will be added and inspected at this phase.

Framing – 3 weeks

This is when the home starts to take shape. Frames are built. Walls are raised. Rafters are installed, and the home is enclosed. Elements like shingles, windows, and exterior doors are also added at this time.

Mechanicals, Insulation, and Siding – 3 weeks

Inside the home, contractors install plumbing, electrical, heating elements, and insulation. At the same time, the exterior is finished with siding and decorative facades.

Drywall, Painting, and Measuring – 4 weeks

This phase includes hanging drywall, mudding, taping, sanding, and painting. Hard-to-access corners of the attic are filled with insulation, and crews begin measuring for trim work. Customized kitchen and bathroom cabinets are ordered, and lighting requirements are verified.

Trim and Finishing – 4 weeks

This is when your home truly becomes yours. After working with our interior designer to select trim and paint colors, our crew of artisans paint walls and install baseboards, casing, crown molding, and shelving. Final details like lighting, flooring, plumbing, and appliances are also finished at this phase.

Final Details – 2 weeks

The outdoor elements, like concrete, grading, and landscaping are completed in this phase, weather permitting. The home is cleaned, and touchups are finished - leaving it move-in ready and looking its best. A final walk-through with you ensures everything is picture perfect.